Organization Name Position
Double Action Club John Wright Shooting Sports Director
Double Action Club Jim Cathcart Chief Range Safety Officer
Double Action Club Paul Royer Training Coordinator
Double Action Club Jeff Danielson Technology Coordinator
Double Action Club Roger Mortensen Media Coordinator
Double Action Club Andrea Keough Treasurer
Double Action Club Mike Keough Equipment Quartermaster
Double Action Club Chuck Hill Program Coordinator
Peaceful Valley Scout Camp Michelle Field Ranchwide Shooting Sports Director

Organization Coordinator Vice Coordinator
Cub Scouts Paul Royer Roy Batzel
Arapahoe District Glen Mills Roger Mortensen
Centennial District Iona Baldock Chuck Hill
Frontier District TBD TBD
Gateway District Scott Rozendaal TBD
Pioneer Trails District Doug Sitzmann Dave Sims
Timberline District James Cathcart Stephen Harpham
Valley District Bill Weeks Teresa Fay
Venturing District Andrea Keough Michael Keough

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